The Bones Workshop

A Practical Approach to Bone Health and Biological Optimism

The workshop and classes are an accessible program for supporting vital bones through movement and awareness processes. You start where you are and build from there. See below and go to for more details.

Good skeletal alignment that can withstand the pressures of dynamic movement is needed for maintaining and strengthening the bones. And of course, bones need pressure, rhythmic pressure.

This program includes may processes designed to improve skeletal alignment during weight bearing movement. Based on Bones For Life® - the work of Ruthy Alon these processes are taught worldwide and are helping people to upgrade their quality of life, bones, and overall health and vitality. Strengthening the bones cannot be gained without overall improvement. Isn't that refreshing? A side effect as good as the effect we are after!

These classes are suitable for people of any age or fitness level. What is needed is the desire to contribute to your own wellbeing. They can also be taken for professional development. So come on out from behind the computer desk, after a visit at the doctor's office, out of the seat of your car or your life on overdrive and align yourself to vitality.

This is some of what you will learn - in a safe, gradual, self-regulated series of llessons:

+ alignment for optimal posture and movement
+ protecting the neck and low back from compression in dynamic movement

+ improved stability/ balance
+strategies for protecting vulnerable joints
+ improved grace and coordination
+natural, rhythmic patterns of locomotion and dynamic walking
+biological optimism and conditions conducive to bone health
+weight bearing in many patterns and configurations

+tools for times of trouble


Katherine Correa, LMT has maintained a bodywork practice since graduating from the San Francisco School of Massage in 1986. She earned certification to practice Breema® Bodywork in 1989, Feldenkrais® in 1994, and to teach Breema in 1991. Katherine has been teaching Breema to massage therapists, and the public since 1994. Her classes are playful and fun, yet effective in teaching the practice and principles of her work. Katherine is continuing her studies of Feldenkrais somatic education, and Bones for LIfe® . She has been teaching somatic education classes for several years.

These classes are not a medical treatment, nor cure for any disease, nor a substitute for medical treatment. Consult your physician before engaging in any new physical activities.


Basis for the Bones workshop:
I was fortunate to attend Ruthy Alon's Bones for Life training. Here is a bit more about her and the work.
Ruthy Alon is one of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais' original students and has developed the innovative Bones for Life program over the last 10 years. This groundbreaking program offers mindful movement processes for safe command of bone building forces, optimal posture and biological optimism. Bones for Life promotes supple vitality, harmonious movement, and a healthier body. This program is open to the public.

This program teaches:
Conditioning bone strength and resistance with dynamic movement and weight bearing posture.
Designing posture in a reliable anti-gravity axis.
Coordinating natural patterns of movement.
Neuro-motor strategies for the safety of vulnerable joints.
Springy pulsations of pressure for upgrading bone withstanding.
Resources for restoring dynamic equilibrium and stability.
Movement for vitality and quality aging.

Ruthy Alon, senior trainer in the Feldenkrais Method and author of the book Mindful Spontaneity, is the creator of the Bones For Life program. Growing worldwide, the program is offered to the public and as an educational certificate program in the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The program has been demonstrated to NASA, and Ruthy was invited to present at the Aero Space Medical Association conference, in 2005. The evident bases study, done in Tel Aviv, included a group of women ages 28-69, who participated in the Bones for Life program over a 4 month period. The study showed a significant improvement in bone density.


Feldenkrais®, Feldenkrais Method®, Awareness Through Movement®, and Functional Integration® are registered service marks of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America.


In had a pelvic injury and as a result one leg is shorter than the other. The Bones workshops have helped me walk pain free 4-5 miles at a time when in the past I could only walk one. Nancy A



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