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Katherine Correa is a Licenced Massage therapist in the state of TN, Certified Breema Practitioner, Certified Feldenkrias Practitioner®, and has maintained a bodywork practice since graduating from the San Francisco School of Massage in 1986. She earned certification to practice Breema® Bodywork in 1989, Feldenkrais® in 1994, and to teach Breema in 1991.

Katherine was a faculty instructor at Nashville's Natural health Institute for 8 years and has been teaching Breema to massage therapists, and the public since 1994. The most active Breema instructor in the South, she has also taught throughout the region, at the Breema Center, and in Germany. Her classes are playful and fun, as well as effective in demonstrating and teaching the practice and principles of her work. Katherine continues her studies of Breema, Feldenkrais and somatic education. She has been teaching somatic education classes for several years.

Her backround includes extensive self study of the work of Byron Katie - a simple process for clarity and peace of mind.


My first experience with Breema:

My first experience of Breema was profound. I knew that I wanted more. For the first time, I experienced being present. Thought dropped away and I was at peace - complete. Looking back at that experience, I see that Breema has given me tools and experiences so that I have a way back to myself, to being present. By practice the path has become clearer and shorter.

What I wish to accomplish by offering Breema in my community is to support people the way I have been supported. Being present is something that has become somewhat fashionable as an idea, but there is little support for how to actually experience being. To bring that into daily life is even more remote. Breema offers that practical support.

Finding Breema and the Breema Center is the single most important event of my life. The teachings and experiences have given me access to my real life and for that I am grateful beyond words.


My Feldenkrais experience:

I had a serious horse accient in my teens and by the time I was 25 I was in chronic pain. I felt old - what I had heard of about old. It was scary. Nothing seemed to help for long- chiropractic, massage, bodywork, rolfing, exercise...-they all helped for a while, but didn't last. I was to the place where I could not be in any position and be comfortable.

I read about Feldenkrais® in a book when I was at my mom's for Christmas. When I returned home I found a class and started doing lessons on a daily basis. I felt better immediately and after awhile, the pain stopped reappearing. I was thrilled. I got my youth back. Later I went on to do a training, then let it all go for years, except for an occasional lesson.

As my son grew up and moved on, I have picked up some old dreams and passions and am now in full swing with somatic education again. Some patterns of misuse have left their traces and I am grateful to have the tools to find comfort and grace, mobility and strength. I just lie on the floor and remind myself of the options.



Breema is a servicemark of the Breema center.
Feldenkrais®, Feldenkrais Method®, Awareness Through Movement®, and Functional Integration® are registered service marks of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America.

photo by Krystal Kinnunan


If Anyone out there needs a healing touch experience just call Katherine. She has helped me every time I have come to see her. I would give the gift of Katherine to everyone I know if I could. I have had many different healing arts with a wide range of people. Katherine is hands down, one of the BEST my body has had. I LOVE her TOUCH. I always feel Blessed when I am with her. If you want to give yourself or a Loved one a GIFT, just call Katherine and tell her Lisa sent you. You won't regret it. You might if you don't call her. Lisa


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